Project Description

How it works:
– You load a list of proxies
– You add senders (Add Sender) with valid password (generated with WART)
– You can import senders from txt files
– You import a text file with numbers and scan them if they have whatsapp (scan Receivers), then you export the good ones into a txt file
– You get the numbers from txt file and Paste them into the New Campaign, set your message and a picture (if you want) and click Add Campaign
– You watch in real time the sending que and see which numbers got your message

What do you need:
– Private Proxies
– Valid phone numbers that can get SMS to get verified with WART

What can it do:
– Send messages to other whatsapp numbers
– Send audio messages to other whatsapp numbers (3gp, caf, wav, mp3, wma, ogg, aif, aac, m4a allowed)
– Send pictures to other whatsapp numbers (jpg, jpeg, gif, png allowed)
– Send videos to other Whatsapp numbers (3gp, mp4, mov, avi allowed)
– Send custom location map position & location text to other whatsapp numbers
– Create campaigns and send bulk messages to whatsapp numbers
– Possibility to validate numbers (check if they have or not whatsapp) and export the valid numbers

(NOTE – You can send all features together: video, picture, location, audio, message1, message2)

Features and technical details:
– Proxy features , the application will send messages and everything through proxies
– Scan numbers function, you can import a list of numbers and scan all of them and export the good numbers who have whatsapp
– Live single test message
– You can load unlimited senders
– Campaign management, you can create multiple campaigns and broadcast specific messages and images
– Possibility to see in real time all sending statuses (pending, completed..)
– Options to control the delay between messages in campaigns and many other options

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