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WhatsApp Channel Finder

No need to purchase active whatsapp channels any more, find by yourself and start marketing!

WhatsApp Channels Finder is a powerful software which extracts WhatsApp’s WART password which is used to login into a WhatsApp Channel to send WhatsApp messages.

This software allows you to generate a range of number series automatically and then click a button to start extracting, checking, and finding active WhatsApp channels out of the specified series of phone numbers.

Now, you don’t need to waste your time & money to purchase active WhatsApp channels. That’s because WhatsApp Channels Finder Allows you to start finding the channels yourself & start marketing your WhatsApp Campaigns.

ItĀ fantastic & powerful WhatsApp Channel Finder tool that allows you to find WhatsApp HASH passwords using two different options to choose from:

1. IMPORT PHONE NUMBERS: In this option you can import your CSV/Excel file which contains the WhatsApp numbers list. Once, uploaded the software will start finding any active channels from the list.

2. Numbers in Range (From-To): Here you can specifically target a range of phone numbers which will be converted into a new list. And then, this software will search and find active channels.

Once, the process of searching these numbers is finished. You will have available a list of all active WhatsApp numbers which you can save into a txt or a CSV file and then start using them to run your WhatsApp Marketing campaign.

What’s the requirement:

Windows based PC & .NET Framework 4 installed.

How many channels can you scrape in a day?

Unlimited – This is only limited to numbers added. And how good the series of phone numbers are.


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