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Bulk WhatsApp Sender

Are you tired of getting your WhatsApp number banned because you are trying to send mass message on WhatsApp?

Are you looking for a solution which allows you to send Bulk WhatsApp to thousands of numbers in one go?

Ability to super target your WhatsApp marketing campaign & leverage the power of WhatsApp Messaging?

Your wait is over….because we are presenting to you…

Bulk WhatsApp Sender

A software that allows you to add multiple WhatsApp numbers into the system which can send 1000s of messages from different WhatsApp numbers in one go. You have the option to create different campaigns to different set of WhatsApp Numbers and option to use multiple Proxy IP Addresses in order to safe-guard your numbers from getting banned on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp recently got sold to Facebook for 19 Billion Dollars and users on WhatsApp are 3x more times active then that of Facebook. This shows why Facebook couldn’t let go a deal like that because the eco-system formed for people on Mobile is predominantly ruled by WhatsApp now.

Most of the marketers are now using this powerful software to utilize this same medium to take their message to a mass audience present on WhatsApp.

Whether you are:

  • A restaurant owner or manager
  • A nightclub owner or manager
  • A local marketer selling your services offline
  • A small biz owner looking to expand your reach in local market
  • A DJ/Promoter looking to promote your gigs & events
  • Someone who have got phone numbers of highly qualified prospects who want to reach them on WhatsApp
  • and more…

Your wait is over for once in a lifetime opportunity to tap into the powerful world of WhatsApp Marketing.

If you wish to utilize this software for your own means of use. Contact us today by filling out the form on the website and we will be happy to show you the demo of this powerful software.

Additional BONUS:

In order to utilize this software, you will numbers database, right?

We have additional software which are designed to collect local database of people around your area in a much larger way. People who buy our software will also be given a copy of this software & tools which generate hot leads of prospect for you.

Imagine using this software to find out numbers in different industy + using this whatsapp software to send targeted messages relevant to list of people segmented.

You know what happens? Unlimited potential to make some money! Multiple your income into multiple fold! Reach out to people you never could reach before!

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