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Enjoy free advertising with VirberAd software

ViberAd software gives you the opportunity to send your text and multimedia ads to over 500 million viber users anywhere in the world!

What is ViberAd?

ViberAd is an advertisement manager software that allows you to send your advertisement messages freely. You can send your messages as text or image with live links for all viber users all over the world.
With vibers 500 million active users it’s the best advertisement opportunity.


1. Comfortable and simple user interface
2. Send text messages up to 1000 character with images
3. Send messages with 100% delivery even without 1 failed message
4. Ability to recognize mobile numbers that are not viber users from a batch of mobile numbers
5. Ability to adjust messages sending speed
6. Ability to send live links
7. Send unlimited messages freely
8. Not need to install viber desktop program
9. With tutorial of purchasing unlimited free virtual mobile numbers from USA to activate viber
10. Simple installation proses & one year free support
11. Delivery report after sending messages with graph and excel export
12. Import numbers from excel
13. Ability to inserting numbers manually
14. Ability to generate batch numbers with range
15. Ability to send special messages to specified numbers from excel
16. High sending speed (approximately 1200 message per hour)

**** ViberAd software has a unique anti blocking system for preventing of viber account blockage. ****
**** With this unique system you can send messages without any speed loss & time loss to unlimited viber users! ****

In 3 quick easy step using ViberAd software send your advertisement messages !

1st step: enter text or image message.

Enter your text message.
Your message can contain url links and stickers.
If you wish you can send image of your product

2st step: Select recipents numbers

In this step you have to enter your recipient’s numbers manually or by excel.
You can import your recipients numbers and messages from excel (special message to specified number).
Or you can generate recipient numbers by range!

3st step: push the start button and enjoy

In this step by clicking the start button Your messages will be sent totally automatically and you will receive software progress report.
This report will show you how many messages were delivered, how many numbers were active in viber.
You can save this report as an excel file ,it will help you in your future advertisement messages.

YOU need it TRY it for ONE month AND see what YOU are Missing!?

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