Viber Spamer Ultra

Project Description

Pleasant features Viber Spamer Ultra:

  1. (NEW!) MULTIAKKAUNTNOST. Now you can fully automate the newsletter, charging the software multi-channel and go to rest.
  2. (NEW!) The delay between sending the message to protect it from antiban systems.
  3. The complete software is embedded software bindings are now three instead of one.
  4. Updates and improvements – FREE. Developers are always in touch.
  5. A detailed manual for working with the software. Can master even blonde.
  6. Report on the work program is automatically saved to a text file.
  7. Check rooms. Base rates can be checked for the presence of vaybera to filter out only the necessary phones.
  8. Interface in Russian.
  9. (NEW!) Bonus program applied parser phones from Instagram InstaParser Lite (3000r price) parser and VC, and the program is now giving a base of 500 thousand phone RF.
  10. When shopping for a way to show FREE register channels for the distribution
  11. Price. Cost odnoakkauntnyh analogues on the market of 25-50 thousand rubles. The cost of our software 15 thousand rubles without restrictions.
  12. (NEW!) Week of work on our VDI (remote desktop), where 100% is ready for operation

What can the program?

  • Work in MNOGOAKKAUNTNOM mode for full automation without bans.
  • To send text messages up to 1000 characters from a given list of phone numbers.
  • To send high-quality pictures. You can send as photo separately or together with the text.
  • Check the base of the phone numbers on the availability of Viber.
  • Change the time delay between: sending messages between dialed communications and other symbols.
  • Changing the delay time between sending messages.


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