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Since 2011, Long Tail Pro has been Battle-Tested by

70,000+ Marketers & SEOs

As the #1 Keyword Research and Competitor Analysis Software…

Start using the step-by-step system that has been tested to death and continues to work FLAWLESSLY regardless of any Google update or algorithm change.

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Start Uncovering “Hidden” Profit-Generating Keywords
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The World’s Most Complete Keyword Research & Competitor Analysis Software…

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Keyword Research

Keyword Research

Long Tail Pro is FASTER than ever! I’m talking 8x FASTER than Market Samurai. Find up to 800 keywords per seed keyword – with the ability to capture literally thousands of keywords in seconds.

Find out how many people are actually searching a keyword or phrase each month.

Competitor Analysis:

Save countless hours by having Long Tail Pro quickly analyze the top 10 results in Google for each of your keywords. Find out important SERP data like keyword usage in the Title and Meta tags, Domain & Page Authority, Moz Rank, Pagerank, # of Backlinks, Domain Age

Competitor Analysis
Pay Per Click Analysis

Pay-Per-Click Analysis:

What competitors are willing to pay to have their ads display when people search a keyword is a MAJOR factor when determining lucrative markets.

Real-Time Filtering:

Drill-down and filter the results in any number of ways, providing you with a hyper-target list of keywords based on the criteria you set.

Filter by keyword, suggested CPC bid, local and/or global monthly searches, advertiser competition and overall competitiveness.

Real Time Filtering

Exact Match Domain Check:

Looking to build a niche site and want to match the seed keyword with your domain for a nice “exact match” boost in the results? Automatically check to see if there is an Exact Match Domain available for any of the keywords in your list.

Exact Match Domain Check

Adding Notes:

Notes is a great way to add any personal thoughts or ideas about a keyword. If you have an idea of how you might use a particular keyword, you can document this in your notes for that keyword.

You can also sort your entire list of keywords by whether or not they have any notes associated with them. This makes finding those keywords with additional notes much easier.

Adding Notes
Rank Checker

Rank Checker:

Why pay hundreds or even thousands on expensive rank checking solutions, when Long Tail Pro has this feature built-in and included. Now you can automatically monitor your Domain & Search Term ranking and trends on the three major search engines, including Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Export Results:

With the push of a button, easily export any of the data onto a spreadsheet to add to a report or to send off to a client.

Export Results

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Want to Tell How Competitive a Keyword will be from a Single Number?

Normally to determine if you should compete in a niche or keyword, you would look at a report that looks something like this…


While trying to understand what all of this data even means?

…Or even WORSE…manually go through the top ranked websites for your keyword/phrase and go through site by site, pulling the important metrics the` search engines use to determine their rank…

OR simply utilize the Keyword Competitiveness (KC) metric, already built in to Long Tail Pro Platinum.

Long Tail Pro Platinum automatically calculates a simple 0-100 score based on a proprietary algorithm that is consistently being tested and tweaked.

Keyword Competitiveness

Debating Between the Pro and Platinum Versions? Here’s a Comparison Demo Video for You to Decide

I’m taking the chance here, not you… and if your life, business, and career destiny isn’t worth this reasonable, incredibly fair investment then you should go look for some other “magic pill” in the forums that can’t do even a quarter of what Long Tail Pro will do for …

You are taking No Risks when you invest in Long Tail Pro today.

Now is the time to start playing with the big boys and catapult your sales to a place they’ve never seen before. Make the smart decision and take me up on this discount and rock-solid guarantee while it’s still online for you…

See What Our Customers are Saying About Long Tail Pro!

“I’ve already found a few promising keywords today with this amazing software! My favorite part of this software is its ability to come up with relevant keyword ideas and check domain availability at the same time. That helped me make the decision to buy Long Tail Pro. I also like multiple seed keywords and custom filters. It really saves me a lot of time and effort when I’m doing keyword research.”
Lance GrossLance Gross
“As a lawyer who does his own keyword research in one of the most competitive markets, time truly is money. I used Market Samurai for all of my keyword research until I came across Longtail Pro. I downloaded the software and was instantly surprised at how fast it was. I was immediately able to cut my research time in half….”
“I’ve been using LTP since it came out and with very positive results. The program is regularly updated and Spencer and his team are very responsive to questions.”
Rene AndreasiRene Andreasi
“I tried the long tail platinum versions, and I think it’s excellent. With the option to measure the competition is very easy to find keywords for positioning. This saves time.”
Arvey GuevaraArvey Guevara
“First off, I love the product. I spent a lot of time comparing LTP to Market Samurai and what sold me was your ideas and thoughts on finding niche keywords.
I love the average KC in the software. I can eliminate overly-competitive keywords without going through them one-by-one.”
Bill RiniBill Rini
“I am loving Long Tail Pro! I am experimenting with some niche sites, but also for content creation for my main site. I have even been able to use it at work to help my clients in a very competitive Insurance industry.”
Tony ElamTony Elam

Some common questions, answered by some of our thousands of existing customers…

I’m a Long Tail Pro customer. Do I need to upgrade to v3.0?
No, you should already be able to update your software to the latest version. Simply start the software and it will prompt you to update the software.
Will I receive free updates if I purchase today?
Yes, whenever there are new enhancements, updates and upgrades you will automatically be prompted to update the software so you can start using the latest version of the software.
Does Long Tail Pro work on Mac and PC?
Yes, the software is Adobe Air based, which means it runs great on both Mac and PC.

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