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BacklinkSpeed is the easiest way to submit your web site to over 3,150 backlink sites and directories, instantly giving a jumpstart to your traffic and immediate visibility to the search engines.

BacklinkSpeed submits directly to a large variety of domain, whois, and DNS statistic web sites. These backlink sites are highly visible to the major search engines and will quickly spider, aggregate, and link to your web site, many within the same day of submission. Since these domain statistic web sites are frequently visited by the major search engines, you gain instant visibility to search engine robots, instant boosting of web site backlinks, and ultimately, increased traffic to your web site.

The following high-ranking backlink sites are supported, including over 3,000 more: alexa traffic wholinkstome
aboutthedomain websiteshadow valueatmysite webtrafficagents
markosweb xmarks dnscoop xomreviews
topsy alex site info thegetpr statsaholic
seedspill urlashare buydomainport similarsites
site-wiki tagfetcher websitevalued stimator
pufip worthbot digg domainsearch101
avadhwebs siteanalytics metric alexaholic b2bpro
comdurav cqcounter cuge esitestats
folkd ip-address keywordspy ov keywordspy ppc
links2mysite reddit semrush serpanalytics
siteadvisor summary surcentro tagurls urladex google translate 6tools yahoo search aboutdomain stumbleupon altavista
alexa linksin buddymarks cyberwebsearch
webwoo a1webdirectory * add your own!

Automatic Backlink Submission, DNS, Whois

Simply enter the web site URLs to gain backlinks for, then click the Submit button to automatically submit to the backlink sites.

Backlinks, Backlink, Submit, Submission

After submitting, view the real-time results of each backlink submission. Many of the backlink sites will begin linking to your site within the same day, helping you to instantly increase your backlinks. 

BacklinkSpeed contains integrated support for Alexa web site statistics. BacklinkSpeed reads your target URL and fetches the Alexa statistics so you can track your web site popularity.

BacklinkSpeed Submit your Backlinks, Gain Back-links

Customize the list of backlink sites used for submission by adding your own custom backlink sites.

BacklinkSpeed is especially powerful for taking a brand new web site, and in less than a minute, publishing its link on the web, where it will be indexed by the search engines. For already established web sites, BacklinkSpeed can help you gain visibility in search engines that you may not have already been listed with.

You can further increase the submission power of BacklinkSpeed by adding your own backlink sites to the software. Simply click the Edit Engines button to add even more sites to the submission list.

BacklinkSpeed is an incredibly easy way to gain instant backlinks to your site and dramatically reduce the time it takes to get indexed by the search engines. Of course, after using BacklinkSpeed to jumpstart your initial links, you’ll want to follow through with building additional web site links and performing search engine optimization (SEO) to improve your rankings. BacklinkSpeed will help your initial listings in the search engines. Optimizing your web site content and performing quality SEO search engine optimization techniques will propel you from then on.

How soon will the backlinks appear after submitting?

The backlink sites used in BacklinkSpeed are incredibly fast for indexing and linking to your web site. Many of the backlink sites will index and list your web site link and content within the same day as submitting. Others may take a few days to a week before listings are live.

How much “link juice” can I expect from these type of backlinks?

“Link juice” refers to search engine page rank, link popularity, and link traffic. It’s important to note that while some of the backlink sites supported with BacklinkSpeed may help increase your web site PageRank, others in the list may not. However, all of the backlink sites provide an incredibly important feature: one-way, direct links to your web site, which search engines and users will follow to discover your web site and new content. This is an especially important SEO feature for brand new web sites seeking to be indexed by the search engines and for established web sites looking for exposure to new search engines.

In addition, many of the backlink sites include “Recently Added” areas on their high-traffic homepages, where your link will be posted and discovered by both search engine robots and users alike.

Why do some of the submission result pages say “no data found for this site”?

First time submissions to the domain, whois, and network statistic backlink sites may display a result page with an empty graph or a message stating “no current data found”. This is normal and indicates a successful submission. This simply means that the site has not yet indexed your web site content and has now queued your site for indexing and linking.

How can I continue building quality links and search engine optimization SEO?

Once listed, we recommend RSS Submit, Blog Blaster, and SocialSpeed to help continue promoting your web site and search engine rankings.


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